Container Desiccant

สารกันชื้น สำหรับตู้คอนเทนเนอร์ในการส่งออก

Ship products safely and with minimal expense with the most effective solution for controlling moisture and humidity.

  • Absorbs 2X More Moisture than Comparative Products
  • Cost Savings
  • Easy to Use


Potent and long-lasting: Micro-Pak Container Desiccants aggressively remove moisture from the air inside shipping containers, offering unsurpassed protection while your goods are in transit. Advanced ingredients absorb up to 300% of their own weight in moisture , reducing humidity faster and longer than other solutions, eliminating the risk of container rain and guarding against moisture damage and mold growth in the shipping environment.

Economical and easy to use: Thanks to the superior efficacy and long-lasting absorption of Micro-Pak Container Desiccants, you can use 25% less desiccant compared to other solutions—reducing material expenses, freight costs, waste, and environmental impact. The innovative design—with strips of desiccant in a maximally absorbent non-woven sleeve with an integrated hook for quick installation—saves time in your shipping process.

Comprehensive: Use Micro-Pak Container Desiccants together with the family of Micro-Pak® packaging solutions and technical services for a complete system of protection for your products—from the moment they leave your factory to when they arrive in your customers’ hands.